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About Master Skill Tree Reset

If you want clear your Master Skill Tree, so now its working perfectly via Website>Character Option>Clear Skill Tree
Cost: 240 Goblin Points
It will Reset your Master Skills, you will recive back points added to Tree, Level will stay of course. 
Your all Skills added to Master Skill Tree will be removed! Thats mean, you will lost skills like Twisting Slash, Evil Spirit, Mana shield etc. if you have Mastered Skill.

Command /mlreset will be removed tomorrow with new update with fixes, thats because /mlreset dont work correctly

Added on : 17 / Feb / 2018 , 10:43 PM


We heard, many people want to be the game extended, so we can't wait any longer! Today at 11AM (GMT+1) 11:00 will be new fast update, you will have Reconnect.

Whats new in Update? GAME EXTENDED by EXTRA RESETS!


You have 400 Level 7 Resets 10 Prime Resets?
No problem!
Type in game command /extrareset
Cost of Extra Reset: 1KKK
You will gain next Reset, and your stats will KEEP

Keep Stats: YES (your stats will stay)
EXP 8 Extra Reset: x3
Exp 9 Extra Reset: x2
Exp Last 10 Extra Reset: x1
This will be long way...

In this update will coming too...

-Added Delay HP Potion 1sec (Like in Castle Siege), cause of new BOSS
-Poison Bug on Selupan, Medusa, Core Magriffy, Double Head Dragon FIXED
-Icresed Mana Recovered by Large Mana Potion to 100%
-Position of Moss Gambler FIXED (now is correct, like old one)

Added on : 17 / Feb / 2018 , 09:16 AM


We appologize for the latest update "MEGA UPDATE 1.0".
We didnt expected to ruined a GAME.
We learn from experience and now we are serious.
All problems from latest update now are gone.
Server będzie offline od 17:00 do godz. 17:30
We are sorry again!
Jeszcze raz przepraszamy!

-Main Crash Fixed
-Moss Event Fixed
-Helper Buff, Cancel Helper when open Inventory Fixed
-Marry System Fixed
-Unexcpected Items Removed to clear Inventory type /clearinv
(not removed zen, iteams wear) 

-Fur Fur Event, Summon Scrools, Spawn Summon Removed
-Devias Undeground now only from Gate in Archeon (find on MiniMap TAB), 400 lvl need (MAP BATTLE GENS MLVL)
-Archeon normal spots (MAP BATTLE)
-Swamp same spots like Devias Undergound 400lvl need



Command for Reset SkillTree, cost for reset is 500 KK /mlreset
Command /marrytrace Fixed (/marrytrace Disabled on Castle Siege)
Command /divorce Fixed
Command /dcfriend login password Working

Changed User Panel

Now User Panel Button is near Inventory Button - icon "UP"

Core Magriffy Event

Find and kill Core Magriffy in Archeon Map
Drop: 3x Epic Box 
Drop from Epic Box: Awakening Soulstone/Awakening Hero's Soul/Archangel Anvil/Archangel Soulshard/HolyAngel Steel/HolyAngel Hammer  - Items needed to NEW POWERFULL WEAPONS/SET
Event Time: 6:30,18:30 - 6H to kill BOSS 

Double Head Dragon Event

Find and kill Double Head Dragon in Archeon Map (BOSS IS SO HARD)
Drop: x5 Random - Forgotten Box/Wing 3rd
Drop from Forgotten Box: Death King's Bone/Hell Maine's Leather/Dark Phoenix Flame/Death Beam Knight Soul - Items needed to MIX 4TH WINGS
Event Time: 8:30,20:30 - 6H to kill BOSS 

Blessed Archangel Divine Weapons

Items needed to MIX Blessed Archangel Weapons: Archangel Anvil+Archangel Soulshard+Bundle Jewel of Learn (10) - you can pack Jewel of Learn in UserPanel>Pack Jewels
Special Options
+Double DMG Rate 25%
+Increased DMG 5%

Holy Angel Weapons for all Class

Items needed to MIX Holy Angel Weapons: HolyAngel Steel+HolyAngel Hammer+Bundle Jewel of Learn (30) - you can pack Jewel of Learn in UserPanel>Pack Jewels
Special Options
+Double DMG Rate 25%
+Increased DMG 5%

Awakening Set for all Class

Items needed to MIX Awakening Set: Awakening Soulstone+Awakening Hero's Soul+x5 Jewel of Evolution
Special Options

+Ignore opponent DMG Rate 5%
+Full DMG Reflect Rate 10%



Added on : 15 / Feb / 2018 , 04:43 PM

-Team vs Team Event fixed
-Item Post fixed
Solution: Just Remove "Config.ini" in your Client Folde
For people who have new Graphics, if you dont like, so Delete "opengl32.dll" in your Client Folder

Due to new update server will be Reloaded at 10:50 PM (GMT+1) 22:50 Polskiego czasu
Update your Game, just OFF your all Clients and launch Launcher. Without this, you will not be able to play
Team vs Team Event!


Added on : 09 / Feb / 2018 , 10:15 PM

We are glad to announce new update!

-Added Command /mreset to Reset your Master Skills Points
Cost 500KK
-Cost of Reset Stats in website is now 240 GP (24H in game)
-Added New map "Archeon" (IN DEV)
-Added New Battle map "Night in Devias" for Master Level
-Added Barracks warp
-Removed Stadium warp, cause of new Event
-Fixed Boss "Sona" in Karutan
-"Kyle" now Spawn in Karutan 2
-Cherry Blossom Box drop decreased
-Cherry Blossom Gold Branch now need 50
Cherry Blossom 30 Red Branch - Random Bundle Jewels
Cherry Blossom 50 Gold Branch - Random Pet
-Added "Team vs Team" Event
Npc "PvP Master" in Lorencia cords 141 140
Reward: Draconic Pet, 500 Hunt Points
Event Starts Everyday at 20:30

Due to new update server will be Reloaded at 7:50 PM (GMT+1) 19:50 Polskiego czasu
Server offline time: 5min
When you got Disconnect, just open Launcher and update the Game!

Added on : 09 / Feb / 2018 , 07:24 PM

- Dark Side for Rage Fighter costs Mana decreased from 70 to 5 Mana

Added on : 08 / Feb / 2018 , 01:48 AM

-Kundun Fixed and only respawn in Kalima 7
-Guild Max User increased to 35
-Launcher fixed and can be downloaded from site
-Splinter of Armor, Bless of Guardian, Claw of Beast disabled from drop
-Added new event called "Crazy Monkey Event!"

About New Event
Crazy Monkey Event starts Time is: 1:30,7:30,13:30,19:30
Find Monkey in Kanturu Relic, Karutan 2, Vulcanus and get parts of Fenrir to make Fenrir in Chaos Machine!
Drop: x1 Random Splinter of Armor/Bless of Guardian/Claw of Beast
Kanrutu Relic: x5 Monkey
Karutan 2: x5 Monkey
Vulcanus: x10 Monkey!

Due to new update server will be Reloaded at 2:50 PM (GMT+1)
                                                                      14:50 Polskiego czasu

Added on : 07 / Feb / 2018 , 02:25 PM

Launcher Fixed is in Downloads section on website.

For people who have problem with Launcher,
just download it and put it into your folder game.


Added on : 07 / Feb / 2018 , 10:34 AM

Marriage System is official enabled!

We fixed crash problem on take marry.
Marry price is 200KK.
Command above to trace to Wife/Husband

Added on : 06 / Feb / 2018 , 10:23 PM

X-SHOP Updated, list below

  • Skeleton now is for support the server (for the second edition), it gives 50%+ZEN and 10%+EXP and price of it is 10,000 W Coin
  • Tickets price 1K W Coin
  • Added Jewel of Lean (50WC), Jewel of Hope (200WC)
  • Added Silver/Gold Keys for Goblin Points
  • Added Jewel of Growth for Goblin Points
    - Added some spots on each of maps (all in minimap)
    - Added to Potion Girl Lorencia Potions 255!
    - From LOT to Crywolf Gate fixed
    - some minor changes

    Website update
  • Login/Register with Facebook
  • Code Optimalization, now Web loads so much Faster!

    due to fix crash problem, please be patient
Added on : 06 / Feb / 2018 , 03:24 PM

Next Update coming... #0.2 (SMALL)

- Brova Fixed
- Map EXP % above Kanturu Fixed
- Added ts3.muonline.me on Notice
- Added Doppelganger 1.5 EXP
- X-shop updated
- Castle Siege side added potion delay to 1sec
- Added Buffers to Towns (max 150level to buff=3RR max) for newly Players
- Uploading new fresh Client to downloads for newly Players


Due to new update server will be Reloaded at 7:50 PM (GMT+1)
                                                                      19:50 Polskiego czasu

Added on : 03 / Feb / 2018 , 03:31 PM

Next Update coming...

- Fixed TeamViewer, now not blocked by GameGuard
- HACK LIST updated
- EXP increased in BloodCastle, DevilSquare
- Removed Reset Stats in Character Panel, now only Reset Stats via Website
- Added Auction, Market, Guild Bank on Website
- Added Vote to Website, now you can vote and earn WCoins!
- Balanced PvP, PvM done! More information will be placed on forum.
- Decreased time to join Gens after leaving to 12H
- Party Level Gap changed to 180lvl
- Golden Monsters now are back!
- Post color changed to Blue


Due to new update server will be Reloaded at 2:50 PM (GMT+1)
                                                                      14:50 Polskiego czasu

Some of features of the new update it's now in game/website!

NOTE: Update is now live on Server!


Added on : 30 / Jan / 2018 , 02:05 AM

Added on : 28 / Jan / 2018 , 06:09 AM


Added on : 26 / Jan / 2018 , 01:15 PM

We are glad to announce good news!


With this Changelog #005, in this stage, we can finally say that the game is in a 100% for sure - server will definitely be prepared for the official release.


- Event Drop in Lorencia was disabled

- Create alliance will be disabled due to large number of people

- Max people in Guild is now 30

- Sets Evolved rebuilded and 100% fixed

- Wings 4th from S13 were 100% fixed

- Jewel of Harmony can be added to Ancient sets disabled

- Newly created Elf now gets from 1 lvl Infinity Arrow and can use it at that level

- Change Class in User Panel disabled

- X-SHOP is almost done (90%)

- Buffers NPC was disabled and will no longer be in the server

- After you leave a Gens Family, you must wait 24hs to join other Gens Family

- Dark Raven Formula fixed

- Vulcanus respawn after death fixed

- Jewel of Guardian drop in Land of Trails fixed

- Aida, Aida2 is now NON-PK and EXP is decreased on these maps to 80%

Added on : 26 / Jan / 2018 , 01:12 PM

- Added new Event called "Diablo", NPC "Diablo Statue" Lorencia 138 140.
Soon more info about Event Diablo in forum! [Exclusive]
- Added new Events "Happy Hour Heart of Love", "Happy Hour Silver Medal", "Happy Hour Gold Medal"
- Event Drop in Lorencia drops: Angel of Guardian, Imp, Jewels,
Heart of Love, Silver Medal, Gold Medal
- Events Time rebuilded, now most Events is everyday, not like before
- Setted Teleport Delay Time [4s]
- Setted Ice Arrow Delay Time [7s]
- Setted Sleep Delay Time [10s]
- Added Change Class System in User Panel
- Added Reset Stats in Character Panel (C)
- Heart of Love, Silver Medal, Gold Medal now drop Items from +6 to max +9
- EXP in RR 7 changed from x50 to x35
- Jewel of Excellent fixed, now can add max 2 EXC options

Added on : 26 / Jan / 2018 , 01:12 PM

- From now Jewels can drop on all Maps!
- Selupan/Medusa only can drop SOCKET ITEMS
- Socket Items Removed drop from mobs in Raklion
- Mobs in Raklion now drop 380lvl Items!
- Selupan/Medusa now drops 1-3 Slots Socket Items non-exc
- Devil Square Spawn monster before Event Start fixed
- Now EXP is better in each maps from Kanturu - Raklion
- BC/DS/CC/Kalima EXP is setted to x1.5
- Jewel of Chaos, Bless, Soul, Life, Creation same % drop
- BC/CC/DS Jewels drop increased from mobs
- BC/CC/DS=2x Random Jewel
- BC8/DS7/CC7/SWAMP are now maps for Master EXP
- Death Beam Knight Spots changed to Tantallos Spots
- Respawn Time Monster 3rd Quest now is setted to 5 minutes
- Decreased Quest drop, now is hard to make Quests
- Elf Buffer changed to normal Shadow Phantom, added in Towns
- Jewel of Excellent now can make max 2 options EXC
- Archangel Staff Wizardy DMG fixed
- Moss Merchant fixed

Added on : 26 / Jan / 2018 , 01:12 PM

- Excellent Socket Drop fixed to 2-4 Slots

- After Prime Reset 10, rest Resets now fixed

- Eternal Wing Set for Summoner Socket, moved to Selupan/Medusa

- Evolved Mistery, Sacred, Light Plate added Smoke Effect

- Dark Master, Huricane Smoke Effect fixed

- Phoenix Soul Items Excellent moved from BOK+5 to Erohim/Nightmare

- Dark Side Skill for Rage Fighter is now from 80 level!

- Custom Jewels fixed

Added on : 26 / Jan / 2018 , 01:11 PM

- Added Spots in Dungeon1, Dungeon3

- Added Spots in Stadium

- Level of Maps Kanturu and below in (M), has changed to 200 level

- Heart of Love Storm Crow drop removed

- Blood Castle, Devil Square, Castle Deep Event, now drop Jewels is fixed

- Crimson Glory can be equiped by Lord Emperor

- Dark Side Skill for Rage Fighter is now from 80 level

- White Wizard Event fixed

- Lighting Shock Perhament for Summoner removed from shop

- Imp, Guardian Angel now removed from drop

- Lilium Stick (Eternal Wing Stick) added

- Queen Set Socket for Summoner added

- White Smoke Effect of Hades set added

- Added Spots in Swamp of Peace

- Double post of killing Hextech Chest fixed

- Added Invasion respawn message

- Kundun Event fixed

- Maya Event, increased dmg of Hands, and now Hands don't drop items

- Drop BC, DS invitations scraps now can drop

We are coming...

Added on : 26 / Jan / 2018 , 01:11 PM
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